Peace, Love, Life, Hope

“The old books of the East have held secreted for many ages the truth about much which is only now beginning to sink into the consciousness of the occidental. They taught the radio-activity of matter thousands of years ago, and so perhaps, after all, there may be an equal amount of truth in their teaching about the constellations.

Perhaps in the stars that we can see in the distant heavens, and in the life that is evolving within them, we have the objective of our solar Logos, and the influences that are flowing towards him, attracting him towards them, and making him, in due course of time, radio-active.

In the Eastern books they say that in the sun Sirius lies the source of wisdom, and that the influence or the energy of love emanates from there. Then they say that there is a constellation that is even more closely connected with our solar Logos, the reason being that He is not, as yet, sufficiently evolved so that He can respond completely to Sirius, but He can respond to the influence of the seven sisters or the Pleiades. This group is a most interesting one. If you will go to the dictionary and look up the word “electricity”, you will find it suggested that it may be traced back to the star Electra, one of the seven sisters, and supposed by some to be the little lost Pleiad.

The Eastern teachers say that in the mystery of electricity is hidden all knowledge, and that when we have fathomed that we shall know all there is to be known. What the relationship of the Pleiades to our solar system may be, it is not possible for us to say, but even our Christian Bible recognises it, and Job speaks of “the sweet influences of the Pleiades,” whilst some of the Oriental Scriptures affirm that the connection lies in sound, or vibration. Perhaps the Pleiades are the source of the atomic life of our Logos, the active intelligent aspect, that one which was first developed, and which we might call electrical matter.

Then there is the Great Bear. There is much that is interesting said about the relation between the Great Bear and the Pleiades in Oriental writings. The seven sisters are said to be the seven wives of the seven stars of the Great Bear. Now what is perhaps the truth back of that legend? If the Pleiades are the source of electrical manifestation, the active intelligent aspect of the solar system, and their energy that which animates all matter, they may perhaps represent the negative aspect, whose polar opposite, or the positive aspect, is their seven husbands, the seven stars of the Great Bear.

Perhaps the union of these two is what produces our solar system. Perhaps these two types of energy, one from the Pleiades, and the other from the Great Bear, meet, and in their conjunction produce that blazing forth in the heavens which we call our solar system.” – Alice Bailey



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