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Numbers and the Universal Matrix by Tehvul

What’s in a number and how do numbers determine things to come?

A question that Dr. Mark Gray has shed an immense amount of light upon. I first came across the work of Dr. Gray in 2012 before the Summer Olympics were held in London. After reading his work it was clear Dr. Gray is a first class Symbologist who was showing the mathematical correlation in the dates and times of world events. Events that actually played out as the dates and time grew into fruition.


It soon became obvious that Dr. Gray was on to something big that affects us all in ways I personally never thought could be possible. He showed there is a serious “number game” being run by those who understand the importance of time, dates, and places. Who those are remain unnamed but if you have the eyes to see then you are able to come to your own conclusions.


As we all know recent reports have come in detailing how Modern Science is realizing this Universe is holographic in nature and the math involved for such a thing is well let’s just say mind boggling. It would seem this Universe is a literal Matrix and if you know how to manipulate the numbers the numbers then become a servant of sorts if you will.


I personally find the work of Dr. Gray to be a fascinating insight into the hidden workings of the way of things and an interesting insight of self at the same time in this Matrix which we all dwell. While the old adage of “men lie and numbers don’t” was spot on fortunately we have good men like Dr. Gray who break down the numbers in a truthful manner who then shares the information with everyone.

Dr. Gray’s website is and he can also be found on Facebook by searching for Mark Gray.



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