Shortly thereafter the media made certain people all over the globe were subjected to the trauma, fear, confusion, anger, and hate that comes with such a travesty. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary was not to be a local event. The Newtown Massacre, as it would later be called, was to be a shared event. A Megaritual. A megaritual which would leave an emotional scar upon hearts, minds, and the very Earth which evil gazed upon from its eternal abyss.

On April 4th, 2014. At the site of the now demolished Sandy Hook Elementary a ray of light gazed back at the evil with what evil despises most. She stared back with love. Her name is Hillary Raimo.


Hillary Raimo is a long time radio talk show host, author, poet, artist, and adventurer. She has spent over 20 years researching current events and esoteric symbolism. As the author of two books, and multiple blogs, Hillary offers a unique insight into the parallels of the collective mainstream and personal microcosms. She is founder of Love Breathe for Earth, and organizes global meditations to help heal humanity’s relationship with nature.

After studying the Voynich Manuscript at Yale in 2013 Hillary has put into action an experiential hypothesis of her studies. Her goal is to observe the interactions of humans and nature, so as to open the door to a better understanding of the relationship between the two in an effort to consciously co-create a stronger partnership between the two. One of respect and understanding.

Her efforts began in May 2014 after receiving the blessing of his holiness, the Dalai Lama, to coordinate global mediations in the name of Earth. Hillary has sought to explore and better understand the connection between body, mind, spirit, and the natural world around us.

Hillary discovered a connection between the energy of collective mainstream events, such as 911 and Sandy Hook, and the energy of people’s thoughts and emotions. Her curiosity led her to praying together with others around the planet with a sample of water during a global meditation at the 911 memorial in New York City on 10/8/14. This water sample was then sent to Dr. Masaru Emoto Laboratories to have the crystalline structure of the water molecule photographed.


The image would lend evidence and critical support to her theory. Ultimately causing debate as to the nature of mainstream collective traumatic events and the energetic imprint they leave within human consciousness. Which brings us back to Newtown. Hillary writes the following about the experience of traveling to Sandy Hook.

“At the Sandy Hook demolition site, we stood in the heart of where the school had been and we buried the pain symbolically to be transformed by the power of the innocent child’s heart, who sees and hears no evil. Through this salvation, we reclaimed lost fragments of our spirit and returned them home.


We brought the healing h((OM))e. We felt the acceptance of our gesture, the complete and total return of the disease from the heart of the rift, as the ground swallowed it up happy to do the work with it energetically. We felt understanding from the land our feet walked on. We felt held in that complete love, and we surrendered to the knowing that the Earth heals its own, no matter how people heal, or what others think and feel elsewhere about this place. It continues to regrow, rejuvenate, heal, and move on. This was the energy we invoked as we stood there. This was the energy we made our offering to. That was the energy that accepted us as we made pilgrimage to this site.

Sandy Hook holds a lot of energy, because it receives a lot of energy. If you can get past the perceived darkness, the act of violence and anti-love, you are left with the land.

There on it, you will see just how much healing has taken place, you will feel that childlike innocence strengthen in your heart, and you will know that the worst anti-love act is the taking of that innocence. It is the ROOT OF THE WOUND. It is time to return the divine love of the child to all, and honor it within all children.

Water was gathered from the Sandy Hook Creek in the name of pristine healing waters that help, day in and day out, to move the energy of the event, heal it, and transform any energies of anti-love.”


As was done with the water collected from the 911 Memorial the water collected from Sandy Hook Creek was sent to Dr. Masaru Emoto Laboratories in Japan. Water that will be the subject of Part II of this article.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was the bestselling author of The Hidden Messages in Water along with several other books which are nothing short of remarkable.  Dr. Emoto graduated from Yokohama Municipal University’s Department of Humanities & Sciences and his groundbreaking work with water showed water has memory and acts as reflector of it’s surroundings. On 10/17/2014 Dr. Emoto passed away but his many contributions to humanity will never be forgotten.


In closing we leave you with his words from his book The Hidden Meaning of Water.

“Life is love a gift from God and parent, and death is gratitude for a new dimension”.